Tech Theatre

Tech Theatre

     “Tech Theatre is a club where, basically, we do the technical stuff in shows and plays at Danville High School,” Jane Dewey, one of the sponsors of Tech Theatre, says. “There are absolutely no requirements except we do expect you to be working hands on with sets and technology.” Tech Theatre has been a part of Danville High School for several years. “Since, at least, 2003.” The group meets in Gravely Hall every Wednesday, usually. “When the beginning of the school year starts, we decide to figure out a schedule where all the kids can meet, but sometimes it gets difficult… Everyone is so busy. Usually Tech Theatre meets on Wednesdays after school.”

     “The purpose of Tech Theatre is to support Gravely Hall. Art is a collaborative thing, especially in the theatre,” Mrs. Dewey says. “For theatre, we always need technical help and artistic support. Whether it’s working on lights, sound, or set. We need as much help as we can get. Although the actors are important, we need people to do backstage stuff or else… Well, the show will not go on. It’s a very, very important job.”

     Tech Theatre works weekly on sound, lights, scenery. “And climbing the catwalk! That’s always fun!” Mrs. Dewey says, thrilled. “Each year we have a president, vice president, secretary, and a technical director, which is either an adult or student. When the new school year starts, we will be naming these. I think it’s important to have job titles like this because they look great on any application or resume. Everyone needs technical skills. Most jobs want to find people with technical skills, they need those people or otherwise the jobs will never get done. With Tech Theatre, we sort of build that.” 

If you would like to join Tech Theatre, you can always talk to Mrs. Dewey.

Written by Megan Jones, Journalism 2, 2011-2012

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